Monthly 2017 Specials

Our December Special

Filter clean ( Cartridge or D/E filters) and onetime clean special $180 + Tax

Clean filter & Skim surface of pool, Brush tile, steps, walls & floor, Power-Vac or leaf master, Empty pump basket and all skimmer baskets, Empty sweep bag or vacuum canister, Test water chemistry. During the cleaning process, Pool Chlor Technician disassembles your filter, extracts the internal assembly, cleans the internal assembly, inspects all assembly parts, reassembles the internal assembly, installs assembly into filter tank shells, seals filter and charges it with fresh diatomaceous earth. Many of the internal filter parts are plastic and can warp or fracture. Fabric on the outside of Diatomaceous earth filter grids can tear. Damage to filter parts can occur under stress if the filter is dirty and pressure is high. Older or aged filter parts are more susceptible to damage. If there are parts needing replacement during the filter clean, your technician will ask for an authorization for replacement.

Filter parts and o-rings are extra. Cleaning time on pool is limit to one hour for the special. For green pool or pools with lots of leaves call for pricing.

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